UL Dimmers ControllersUL Drivers

Sunricher has updated UL certification to cover all product series including LED dimmers, LED controllers and dimmable LED drivers.

UL certification is the admission permission to North America market, and is the symbol of high safety, reliability and quality of certified products.Being certified by UL proves that Sunricher products are of high safety, reliability and good quality and qualified for North America market.

Sunricher has been issued two UL certificates, one is for LED dimmers and controllers with certificate number E477171, which has been updated to cover all LED dimmers and controllers series, the other is for dimmable LED drivers with certificate number E493576 that has been updated to cover all dimmable LED driver series. Upcoming new products will also be added to the certificates in the future.

Please visit Certificates page on upper right corner of our website or UL official site to check detailed part numbers included in these two certificates.