Certification & Patents


Sunricher is professional leading global intelligent LED controller supplier who has been specialized in intelligent lighting control and home automation for years. Sunricher has a dust-free production base with over 2,000 square meter area which is certified by TUV ISO9001:2008. All Sunricher products are CE, RoHS approved and most of them are FCC, UL and TUV approved, which ensures our customers to get the most reliable products from us. Moreover, Sunricher was awarded the honor of "Shenzhen High and New Tech Enterprise." in July 2015.



TUV ISO9001:2008      FCC Certification


TUV Factory Certification      High and New Tech Enterprise


CE Certification      CE Certification 1      RoHS Certification


Sunricher owns over 50 granted patents and much more pending patent applications worldwide, covering most of our product portfolios, with around 3 new inventions being protected each year. The granted patents include invention patents, design patents, and utility model patents which cover almost all Sunricher product portfolios.




Invention Patent      Utility Model Patent for Wall Mount Dimmer      Utility Model Patent for DMX Decoder


Utility Model Patent Controller 1      Utility Model Patent Controller 2      Utility Model Patent Controller 3


Utility Model Patent Controller 4      Utility Model Patent Controller 5      Utility Model Patent Controller 6


Utility Model Patent Controller with Push      Utility Model Patent LED Bulb      Utility Model Patent LED Dimmer


Utility Model Patent PWM Controller      Utility Model Patent PWM DMX Controller      Utility Model Patent PWM RGB Controller


Utility Model Patent Wall Mount Controller      Utility Model Patent Wifi LED Bulb      Utility Model Patent Wireless Switch


Design Patent for 3A Controller      Design Patent for 5A Controller      Design Patent for 6A Controller


Design Patent for 8A Controller      Design Patent for Dimmer      Design Patent for SR-2201


Design Patent for SR-2801      Design Patent for SR-2804      Design Patent for SR-2806


Design Patent for SR-2807      Design Patent for SR-2811DMX      Design Patent for SR-2819