The development of the covid-19 epidemic

Always hold everyone's heart

To strengthen epidemic prevention and control

Everyone is walking around day and night

Central Epidemic Normalization Management Center works together with Sunricher Use smart lighting to illuminate the way forward against epidemic.


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Intelligent Lighting | Promoting Health and Energy Conservation


The goal of the intelligent lighting upgrade of the Central Epidemic Normalization Management Center is to present a pure and flexible working environment by improving people-oriented healthy lighting. Let the staff maintain a good mental and psychological state when communicating, thinking, and holding meetings, and at the same time, solve the light pollution of indoor space through intelligent lighting.

At the same time, according to the "Carbon Peak Action Plan before 2030" previously issued by the State Council, it is proposed to speed up the updating of building energy conservation, municipal infrastructure and other standards, and increase the requirements for energy conservation and carbon reduction. The Central Epidemic Normalization Management Center chose Sunricher's intelligent lighting solution to promote a healthy and energy-saving lighting mode and accelerate the realization of the "double carbon" goal.

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Our intelligent lighting solution is perfectly integrated into the building bus design, and has excellent performance in intelligent control, compatibility, stability, installation, energy consumption, etc., specifically in the following aspects:



Lighting control becomes more flexible and convenient

People need different illuminance in different states, which increases the demand for intelligent lighting scenes.

Our DALI intelligent lighting solution controls different areas and floors in groups through the DALI master. 16 scenes can be preset on the DALI bus, and different scenes can be recalled in different situations through the DALI master or panel. Intelligent control can realize the management of light adjustment, one-key scene, full switch of lights in different areas, etc., and can realize this function through various control methods, which is more intelligent than traditional control methods.

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Super compatibility, never drop the address

DALI supports the concept of an "open system" to ensure the compatibility of DALI devices from different manufacturers. It has a complete DALI interface function, conforms to the latest international standard protocol, and is compatible with any device that conforms to the DALI protocol. By inputting standard DALI signals, it can realize the functions of switching, dimming, scene, group, addressing.

Sunricher is a full member of the DALI Alliance and a member of the China Focus Group of the DALI Alliance. It is the first enterprise in the domestic segment to be certified by DALI-2. Sunricher DALI products are compatible with major mainstream brands of DALI hosts, and never lose addresses.


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Smart lighting, focus on visual health

The the office lighting should consider the influence of natural light and the demonstration equipment. So we need to select the appropriate intelligent lighting scene which can not only improve the rationality of the lighting, but also improve the working state of people.


Sunricher DALI intelligent lighting solution can realize no flicker, smooth depth, and delicate scene transitions. Creating various comfortable scenes according to needs, which can improve work efficiency and ensure visual health.

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Save the Installation and maintenance costs and energy consumption

Sunricher DALI driver or controller can display the address--a national patent, the DALI address can be set manually, reducing installation and debugging time and saving later maintenance costs; at the same time, the number of addresses can be set, and a single device can be set with 1-4 addresses, a product can be used as 4 products, saving inventory cost.


The intelligent lighting solution provided by Sunricher can realize humanized choices. For example, when necessary, the lights are fully on or the required brightness is reached, and the lights are turned off or dimmed at specific times and occasions to effectively reduce energy consumption. Flexible adjustment and control methods, significant energy-saving effect.