Sunricher has a professional R&D team for ligthing control software development. They have already developed and released three different mobile Apps for wireless lighting control: EasyLighting, EasyColor and EasyHome for both IOS and Android systems.

EasyLighting is the App developed for WiFi control of RF system, EasyColor is the App developed for WiFi control of DMX system, and EasyHome is the latest Apps with RF, zigbee and Z-Wave systems 3 in 1, one Apps can control 3 systems, you just have to switch the control type. For RF system, both Easylighting and EasyHome can be used to control through the same WiFi hub. All the Apps are designed with easy and simple operation interface and enable smooth dim, color temperature and RGB color control.

All these systems are updated periodically to improve user experience and fix bugs that may be incurred. Our new smart hub and new generation Apps is also under development and will be coming soon.