Do you also have the following experience?

Do you feel groggy and blurry vision when staring at your computer screen till 3 pm every day?

So you get up and grab a cup of coffee, believing it will boost your productivity.

At night, you go to bed early but can't sleep, and you're thinking, "It's too early to go to bed, still play with the phone for a while." However, you play it at 3:00 am, and still have no sleepiness.

The next day, you cut down on your coffee and your workload, but you still find it hard to sleep.

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Have you ever thought that the culprit behind it is incorrect lighting. 

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Daylight is constantly changing throughout the day, and the light and color temperature our eyes receive directly affect how we feel.

When it gets dark, the pineal gland starts producing melatonin to help us sleep soundly. In the morning or during the day, melatonin in the blood decreases again, making our body active. The rhythm of this cycle is determined by the light.

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In the past, people could fully enjoy dynamic daylight. Most people today are basically in static artificial light, and most of the time we are exposed to inappropriate light, such as too dim light during the day, too strong light at night, which disturbs our body's circadian rhythm and increases the risk of disease. Humans can't get the right lighting at the right time of day, and of course they can't live their best lives.


The human-centered lighting can use artificial light to imitate natural light, give the correct lighting at the right time, and create a stable circadian rhythm, and people's physical and mental health will be greatly improved.


Having said so much, what exactly is human centric lighting?




What is human centric lighting?

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Human Centric Lighting is human-centered lighting, abbreviated as HCL. It is a way to use artificial light to imitate natural light and bring natural changes in light intensity and color temperature into the room. It can be summed up as artificial indoor lighting that improves our circadian rhythms by simulating the movement, intensity and colour of daylight to keep our bodies healthy.




Why does human centric lighting get people's respect?


Smart home


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Human-centric lighting is especially suitable for home environments, providing cooler, bluer light in the morning to wake up you, and warmer light in the afternoon and evening to relax and de-stress from the day.

 Office Lighting

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Ergonomic lighting creates an ideal visual work environment where people feel at ease and the quality of work is improved, thereby increasing productivity.


The ‘Living Lab’ case study in London showed that after being subject to human-centric lighting for four weeks, users were more calm, relaxed, laid-back, and at ease.”


Healthcare Lighting

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Human centric lighting is healthy lighting that affects our mood and activity levels and plays a key role in human health. In particular, it plays an important role in medical diagnosis or in the treatment and rehabilitation of psychiatric patients.

For example, people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease have reduced depression, agitation, and falls when they are exposed to human centric lighting for a long time. In addition, human centric lighting can help patients sleep better, resulting in speed up recovery. Shift workers such as doctors and nurses can also benefit by using red and dim lights in wards to satisfy patients' rest through human centric lighting, but in corridors, operating rooms and nurses' stations, blue, bright lights can be used to increase alertness and wakefulness.


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Human centric lighting has been proven to improve learning environments in several international studies

Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have found that human centric lighting that simulates the quality of sunlight can improve students' concentration, test scores immediately, and reading comprehension by adjusting the lighting.





HCL and Sunricher


Each building and environment has its own unique challenges that need to be addressed accordingly. So what exactly does it take to achieve human centric lighting?


From the previous description, we know that in order to practice human factors lighting, two points must be satisfied in intelligent control: one is the appropriate color temperature, and the other is dynamic changes.


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Sunricher is a people-oriented intelligent lighting expert. Our DALI intelligent lighting solution dynamically adjusts the color temperature and brightness of the light according to the natural changing process of sunlight to match the lighting needs in a specific application environment.


Sunricher Human Centric Lighting Intelligent Solution

1.The Unique DALI Master from Sunricher


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  • Support DT6, DT8 Tc, DT8 XY, DT8 RGBWAF devices, easy to achieve a variety of color types.

  • Support lighting running effect settings, support bionic dynamic lighting (dynamic color temperature), simulate the changing process of sunlight in the real natural environment, and set bionic dynamic lighting with one click.

  • connect 64 devices, support addressing, grouping and scene configuration

  • The interface supports Chinese and English bilingual mode

  • Supports multiple control types, such as DALI-2 panels and DALI-2 sensors.    

2. CC&CV smart driver

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Sunricher DALI smart driver meets dimming, color temperature, and RGBW options. Up to 0.01% deep dimming, the dimming process is accurate, stable and smooth, and no flicker in the whole process, which fully conforms to the dimming curve of the human eye. At the same time, it has super compatibility and supports a large number of DALI-2 devices.


The DALI address of Sunricher can be displayed - with the national patent, the DALI address can be set manually, saving debugging time. At the same time, it supports the manual setting of the number of addresses, saving the installation cost. The most important thing is to never drop the address.


3. Occupancy Sensor+Photocell+D4i

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Only three brands of occupancy and photocell sensor passed DALI-2&D4i certification in the world. Sunricher ranks second in the world and first in China in terms of time and number of ceritifications.