RF Remote RGB LED Controller SR-2806 10 zones work separately

LED Controller SR-2806

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  • LED Controller SR-2806
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RF Remote RGB LED Controller SR-2806 10 zones work separately
  1. Remote RF RGB LED Controller
  2. High sensitive & high stable touch color wheel, fast & precise color control.
  3. Enable to control 10 zones separately. Each zone can switch on/off separately.
  4. Changing modes of 10 zones can be synchronized without any confusion.
  5. 10 changing modes. Enable to stay at any color under situation of color changing modes.
  6. Adjustable changing speed with 8 levels, quickest speed is 4 S, slowest speed is 256 S.
  7. Controlling RGBW or RGBY 4 colors that achieve more selectable colors than traditional RGB control.
  8. To adjust brightness of each color independently that can achieve millions of changing colors
  9. To work with power repeater to expand output unlimitedly.

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Easy RGB(W) remote rgb led controller is a wireless color controlling system that consists of a sender and a receiver or several receivers. Wireless remote dimmer gives freedom of use and total color control using touch sensitive color wheel. Use anywhere within your environment up to 30m without having to point it directly at the remote receiver.:

  1.  By selecting switch status, you can set the system as RGB 3-channel output,or RGBW 4-channel output. LED RGB/RGBY/RGBW/RGBA Controller (one touch remote can control ten receivers simultaneously and synchronously at the same time, or independently).Master mode and slave mode selectable, synchronous signal will be radiated to ensure that the same changes are made to all working units when Master mode is selected.
  2. Using Easy RGB(W) remote led dimmer you can get whatever color you want; you can choose any color from RGB(W) to adjust so as to mix more than 100 million kinds of colors.
  3. With built-in 10 kinds of color changing modes, you can easily switch color changing modes and adjust speed and brightness.
  4. “Memory”enables RGBW LED dimmer to stay at your favorite color under the situation of color changing modes, which operation is simple but functional.
  5. There are Working frequency: 868MHZ or 915 MHZ , conforming to local Europe and US standards,they are suitable for Europe, Americas and all global market demands .
  6. All products completely comply with European CE regulations and American FCC regulations.
LED Controller
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Color Black, White
Operation Voltage 4.5V DC
Bluetooth (App) No
WiFi (App) No
RF Yes
Operation Frequency 434MHz/868MHz
Remark RF Wireless, Touch Sensor, AAA Battery
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