DMX512 Decoder SR-2103B master/decoder mode switchable

DMX512 Decoder SR-2103B

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  • DMX512 Decoder SR-2103B
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DMX512 Decoder SR-2103B master/decoder mode switchable
  1. 36v-12v dmx decoder

  2. DMX512 compliant control interface, Can set the DMX address freely.
  3. And show address Via digital numeric display.
  4. Stand-alone mode and DMX512 decode mode can be freely switched by buttons.
  5. Under situation of stand-alone mode, it enables to adjust brightness per channel,also can entry the fading operation mode.
  6. Three-channel / Four-channel output selectable, Max. 5A or 8A per channel (SR-210X Constant voltage series) , 350mA or 700mA (SR-211X Constant current series).
  7. Three types available (Constant voltage, Constant current), suitable for different LED lamps.
  8. To work with power repeater to expand output unlimitedly.
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